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We are an indie game development company who focus on creation of the adult 18+ visual novel game called World of Sisters. Here you can find usefull Q/A answers about how we operate with game data in the game, on our website and on our discord server.

General information:

Your privacy is important to us and we want to ensure in clear interpretation. This privacy policy list of topics describes in detail the types of data which are collected and how we use it. We will provide links and insight about how game data is being processed and used below.

Website cookies:

We respect your website privacy and webnode services as a website provider tracks number of visitors and access bandwith, under the website provider (to keep web content secure and safe from possible attacks). We do not have use for cookies on the site and do not track, record or store personal information. (Eg. like some sites does for ads purposes) We are following the EU cookies based informing about them according to related laws. Our intention remains to keep the game free to play with as few disturbances as possible (So no ads on the website, no ads in the game, maximally what you will find are few links to patreon and social media in main menu).

Patreon access:

We have multiple tier variants with certain game rewards set for individual people who support us. For example: An early access, communication channels, assist with game issues / features and prioritized announcement of new game content and features. We plan to re-invest every dollar back into the game to make it better, provide support for more Languages, corrections, animations, stories and new extra content. 

Game engine for the game - Unity 3D solutions

Our game runs on Unity3D engine which comes with some specifics related to this multi platform solution which define game player and app user privacy policy. These FAQs provide a handy entry point to our longer and more comprehensive

Unity 3D Developper privacy policy:

They are intended to enhance rather than replace the important notices in the Privacy Policy, which governs collection, use, storage, and sharing of the information that we collect or receive. More information about unity privacy policy here:

Game privacy policy:

Our game World Of Sisters does not process, store, alter, send, sell or work with user (player) personal information. We use only statistical information gathered through this website, individual file sharing websites like number of downloads (where each new game release is uploaded) and basic statistical information from unity analytics. 

Game only processes gameplay information during when it is actively running (while game opened) Game do not write information to your drive anything outside of saving saves or saving game setting (like music volume or option variables or by Playerprefs - in Q1 2023 we switched to saving game data to .txt files on appdata (default individual desktop app location which contains only few kilobytes at max with a thumbnail preview of the save and the save text file, before above mentioned date the whole save data was saved as "settings" due to technical limitations through playing it was impractical making partial saves from gameplay each in same place, not intended to cause any hussle).

Game Data Transfers:

We take steps to ensure your data enjoys the same level of protection as outlined by both EU and US regulations. Adequate safeguards are in place to guarantee that gameplay information is secure regardless of its location. We do not send game data to a 3rd party outside of basic unity infrastructure tools like unity analytics. Eg. game session, or feedback form send from the game using ingame link to google forms and translation tool for our correctors and language translators. (We do not track e-mails in these feedback forms, and have no way to reach people back aside from situation where you voluntarily leave contact - eg. be notified when certain bug is fixed)

Game does not actively send extra information that wouldn't be desired by you as player of the game. There exists a way for players to manually sending us information in (Game options -> dev log -> copy err log) which is primary ways for us to identify and solve game errors and fix issues. This is why the main way to communicate with us is to send us error logs (manually by e-mail with copy pasting error log in there).

Statistical data retention and deletion:

Website and analytics data is often erased on each game update version as we don't see point of having the data (we often fix bugs quickly and make gameplay changes on a monthly base), we only want to have rough vision how many players downloaded the game, what was the average session in each game update and what we could do to improve by feedback sessions. We do not store or track any IP address accessing this or other websites.

We maintain a clear data retention policy that limits the storage of your information to the necessary duration for providing our services. When you delete game folder or appdata folder then there is no way to retrieve your gameplay data, (as they are not saved / send anywhere)

Fair use:

Our intentions focus primarily on creation of the game, making new content and story in small team of 2 people, it is not our intention to spy or collect data on anyone and we use only use necessary information to track down gameplay issues, game errors, screenshots and information people send us by e-mail and feedback forms.

We are using public free fonts in the game and on the website based on Font API and privacy policy for service use.

More information here and faq here:

Discord access:

Everyone is welcome to join our discord server:

Where we discuss ideas, where you can openly talk with game creators and submit ideas. We are doing regular voice calls where everyone have access. We also need to say we prioritize ideas from our patrons and supporters who keep game development running as it is very time consuming for a small team we currently have. Our intention is to expand our team with more graphical designers and a community manager. Keep in mind English is not our primary language, but we are trying our best to communicate with everyone who ask us questions (in every case we can use google translator).

Links and disclaimer:

Always use only official links to download our game which are posted on this website and discord server sections. Links on the discord forum we might provide links to content from external websites that are not under our operation. It's important to note that we lack control over the content and actions of these websites. As a result, we cannot assume responsibility or liability for their individual privacy policies. We have 2 discord moderators who keep track on the discord server rules and prevent spamming behavior like posting unwanted links there.

Policy Updates and Communication:

We commit to informing you of any updates to our privacy policy in a clear and timely manner. Your continued use of our website and game signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of these changes. We encourage you to review our policy periodically to stay informed about your rights and our practices.

Contact us if you have any questions on our e-mail ProjectWorldOfSisters (AT SIGN)

Policy Rules are applicable since 1st June of 2021