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History of game releases

New release - 0.14.9 (May 2022)

List of changes, new features and extra cool stuff. On each update the game is getting better, with more content to play and sex scenes to watch. Thank you for staying with us and for all your patience. We will continue to keep on improving with the communication and making more regular smaller updates.

- rewarding system for your leveling and achievement bonuses

- new stackable and usable items

- new poses for certain characters, new emotions, visual reworks

- 3 new sex scenes

- small portion of story content (more will be added in the upcoming weeks)

- preparation for future content updates

- new achievement sections

- animation improvements (slow fixed, frozen transitions fixed, etc.)

- many small improvements and features through the game

- tons of various game / story / grammar bugfixes

- leveling system bugfixes and correction (soon it will be used for some conversations, be ready)

Game release - 0.14.7 (March 2022)The changes are wide, ranging from some visual upgrades, save system, helps, guides, leveling system, progress and a lot of bug fixes (But not new story in this update).

New sex scenes and big chunk of story part will be added in 0.14.9 so if you want story progress we suggest to wait few more weeks, we will release that 0.14.9 update very soon after 0.14.7 anyway.

Game release - 0.13.9 - 0.14.5 (February 2022) - In the last 2 weeks we worked hard to bring you this update, enjoy the first part of the camping trip, new scene with Sharon and Player and Judy bathroom accident slip, new forest location unlocked, 4 new mini-games, 2 new riddles, story advancement, bigger in-game decisions, and much more :-) CHEERS!

Game release - 0.13.6 & 0.13.8 - December 2021 / January 2022

4 New sex scene animations, story talk with Aurora, bugfix, new naughty pictures, new game features, reworked task list, etc. new task list details and extra game features.

Fixes update - 0.13.5 - December 2021 - Some windows crashes fixed, 200% faster loading, many improvements, half-preparation for bigger story decisions

New School Classes - 0.13.3 November 2021

Mall and Park update - August 2021 Latest game version is v0.12.5_fix 

School and Home - June 2021 v0.11 (60-120 minutes of game play) 

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