NEW GAME RELEASE: v0.19.2 - Raven's Threesome (January 2023)


Download it. Extract it. Play it. 


You need to have enabled Install unknown apps in the settings to let you download & install.

For future updates just install new and it will update game (Uninstall delete your saves!)

MacOS (Our first deployment test):

Guide made by our fan - you can't just copy paste, check the file location / rename to match

1) Unzip file 

2) move .app file to Application directory 

3) Open Terminal app, write this: sudo chmod -R +x Applications/World\ of\ and write user password 

4) System Preferences -> Security& Privacy -> World of Sisters -> Open Anyway

sudo chmod -R +x /Applications/World\ of\ Sisters\ 0_19_1\ \(MacOS\).app/Contents/MacOS/ 

LINUX (Our first deployment test):

Is there at least one our fan who use this platform? Let us know if it works.

History of game releases

NEW GAME RELEASE: 0.19 - Raven's Threesome

Expect first epic threesome sex scene with Raven (3 new animations), 4K background and character resolution (desktop only) new sexy flashbacks, and features like cinematics sex scene camera, and many game improvements and fixed bugs.

How to access threesome?

Simply pass first chemistry lecture and visit chemistry class every wednesday or during first day in the game visit chemistry class after you move to the 1st floor of school.

New reworked egypt wheel puzzle:

Simply click on the puzzle in the geography class (school 1st floor & left door then on the old scroll on the top of the furniture)

How to access playboy magazine:

On the first floor there will be a paper hint which you can use in the school ground floor leftwing when you click on the locker at the right and enter keycode from the paper.

Another sexy flashback

Can be seen in the book of kamasutra in the geography class from 2nd floor, but you will need to pick a razor from the school rightwing at Miss principal Aurora's office (on the right)

RELEASE v0.18 (December 2022) - Sharon's test 

How can I unlock new sex scene?

You can access it in the School top floor -> Social Studies in the afternoon, after teacher Charmane ends her lecture (every other day). Talk to Sharon sitting behind the computer and see what is she struggling with. It will work with older saves too. Just remember Sharon is only there every 2nd day.

New super feature - Walkthrough:

Talking with characters progress in their story. The Tasklist can help to guide you where to go and show your current todo list all in one place. Task Navigation shows you the way how to get there, but so far there has been no way to show you everything you have completed for each character and what lies in front of you. This is changing with in-game walkthrough which will work for every character.

How does walkthrough look like?

Game will show you (with gold color) what you have completed and where you can go and progress (with black color). Arrows on the sides are side talks and main story / questlines are expanding below the character.

As you can see you will be guided with short text guide as well as visually with daytime / location symbols.

How can I access walkthrough?

You can access this guide simply by clicking on an icon in the choices selection on the bottom right side of the screen.

We admit our game doesn't have all main stories yet and we will keep gradually create & add them.

You can move around, zoom in/out and look transparently on all characters progress, see how far you are.

But wait there is more

This walkthrough feature will enable us to show you visual how to reach individual sex scene - just go to main menu -> sex scenes -> choose character and then when you will see a grayed image of scene which you don't have unlocked

After you selected a character just click on any locked (grey) sex scene, game will tell you that you need to progress more and a new button will pop up on the bottom right side of the screen. This will guide you where you can find that exact sex scene, like this: (example)

This will make much more sense as we add more sex scenes and ensure you didn't miss some parts of the game by visually checking your progress with each character.

*This feature is totally optional and you don't need it to complete the game. It is like a map that helps to tell you how far in the forest are you.

v0.17.3 (November 2022) + fixed stuck on stairs

In short - What's new? We have also improved other images where Katy had outdated look and in total over 200+ images with 300+ other image assets were added into this update, making it the biggest update we ever made in a record time with breaking 500+ big or smaller visual changes, tons of bugs fixed and added improvements and over 20 individual animations and 9 sexy scenes. Roughly 2+ hours of new content. We recommend using new game to see all Katy's features.

Katy's visual was upgraded (including her body in all her poses, emotions, etc.)

Katy's story will consist of 5 separate storylines directions:

#1 Main storyline - Brother sister relationship slowly becoming something much more.

#2 Studying together - Studying sessions will eventually get out of hand.

#3 Bathroom peaking - Player will be able to start peeking how Katy is having a bath, maybe help her wash her body, or have a bath time together, naked of course

#4 Night messaging - Being together in the night time, one for other when Katy feels lonely and need her brother's shoulder as someone she could cuddle to.

#5 Family secrets - Player will see how Katy masturbate and she will see him. Next logical step will be to start experimenting and exploring together how far it goes.

Also from now on there will be possibility to masturbate on the bed and on the chair in your bedroom, watching something in private or imagining someone

New content skipping feature:

More convenient way to jump into the right moment. It can get uneasy to navigate in huge VN story content and it could get a little bit confusing, especially when you are a returning player.

According to Ashe Thurman (Leading expert in VN storytelling) we will prepare a simple solution which will look as following:

Series of questions will tell the game how to prepare the save just for you, by your skipping preferences:

This will enable you to skip huge portions of story (which you already played), granting you GUI, skills, locations, money, forward the calendar and read through tons of conversations.

We are listening to your requests and suggestions closely and this is a sustainable way to expand content jumping in the future for us and for your easier gameplay.

No worries, the questions won't be more than 7-10 based (Based on your selections)

Skipped content will be fully under your control and ready in 7-10 clicks (you could always go back one step or rollback fully to main menu and change your mind to explore only certain parts of the story branches - at least roughly)

Or even simplified visual form of skipping loads of content within few clicks:

*this does not mean it will unlock everything, you still need to play the story, but worry not as we have made 8 character sex scenes available to watch from the first start of the game (increased from 3)

New redesigned game introduction:

We wanted to give a short preview for new players what is the game about. This way new players can have it easier to see a glimpse of what they can expect by playing.

New backstory and early game dream changes:

For 4 years we had written a backstory of the game that will be important as you progress through the story. It is now story-wise ripe enough to expand a little bit into the mystery of what's behind the world of sisters with short history and a goal for the player to progress in his own story.

Every compelling story needs a long term goal which hero can chase towards, display strong villain character introduction. The Demon Queen from the dream will be soon finally explained in detail and as a cherry on a cake MissKitty2K agreed to coop. voiceover of the backstory with her sexy voice.

(Yup that's new feature to read out certain special texts and I have to tell you it looks really good with the visual storytelling, and we hope to use it more in the future for major story moments) You can visit MissKitty channel here, she has over 150M views on PH, all related to VN adult games, you can find her channel here:

To summarize it, this update took huge portion of our heart to make and we are still not satisfied with many little details and ideas on our nice to have list are still missing. The only thing which we couldn't fully complete at all is the task navigation for some Katy's quest-lines due to time reasons and lack of testers. This will be however fixed in upcoming update.

What's next? We need to get some sleep as the average sleep in last 2 weeks of our team members was about 4-5 hours at best, while working 16+ daily which took high toll. So next we want to work on new sex scenes with priority over anything else and put them into the game as fast as possible.

So before jumping into any big update we will make a series of sex scenes with patrons vote to choose from and we will release them right away in shorter releases, hopefully 1st one to happen will be as soon as in 10 days. More info in the post in few days.

Enjoy the new update. Thank you very much for your support.

Whole WOS team.

Release - v0.16.8 (September 2022)

- New bonus sex scene - Alexa in the forest (visit camping 2 minigame and when Alexa fails the button will be there)

- Tons of bugs fixed (around 100 big or small improvements from graphical to gameplay)

- Conversation rewind button (arrow on the bottom during talks, or left/right arrow on keyboard, there is no limit how far back you can go)

- More existing sex scenes unlocked by default in ''sex scenes main menu''

- Cost of hints decrease from 500g to 200g

- New challenging minigame (math class at the blackboard, with req. intellect 2+)

- 10 free task navigation tickets for free since beginning and daily rewards increased

- Many major fixed issues through the game including tasklist and task navigation (it's better, less bugged, yet not fully perfect yet)

- Reworked drag,drop and rotation of tools during some minigames

- Alphabet minigame made easier

- We are now supporting multiple language translations, fingers crossed +9 new languages added for all conversations using computer neural AI network translations

Natalie main story line

Experience the different phases of dating Natalie from the point where she dates another guy to becoming her boyfriend, step by step, talking to her, doing homework for her and learning more about her interests and hobbies. Once you kiss and become young couple you will be able to access the final camping trip sex scene with Natalie in the forest tent with unique twist.

Camping talks

After you pass through Ted Bear's story a bit you will unlock forest and during weekend you will gain opportunity to travel by solving 4 mini-games to reach the camping site. Here you can re-visit at the campfire anytime to hear some sexy, naughty, funny stories and progress with final parts of Natalie to unlock her sex scene in the tent.

Arguing in the evening at home

The perfect family shatters as you visit home entrance in the evenings and hear 8 different arguments between your Parents

Natalie side-quests about fox running

In order to get into her attention you can express your feelings towards Natalie, cheer her up and understand her motivation and life goals better.

VIP eavesdroping

Set f 6 talks where you spy on VIP kings club members. After you passes initial 2 tests with Victoria and become VIP kings club member, go visit the school > school rightwing > in the first door on the right in the morning to hear their naughty plans for the future.

Talking Fish with dick

Buy fish at the mall. Then hang it up in home living room and talk with it daily with over 60 unique conversations.


Reach strength to 2+ in the sports center gym and use the lamp in the home attic to spawn Djinn which will fullfill you 3 wishes. Set of 18 daily talks for every day and at least 15 in game days.

What else is new?

Simply said tons of stuff which would be a several pages long boring list, just know we added each day something new from the story/sexy/feature/content and we have been doing this for the last 2 months. So expect lots of visual and GUI upgrades, new features, minigames, balancing, new graphics of character poses and 100+ flashbacks 50+ sounds, about 100 pages of conversations, quality upgrades and many more.

New release - 0.14.9 (May 2022)

List of changes, new features and extra cool stuff. On each update the game is getting better, with more content to play and sex scenes to watch. Thank you for staying with us and for all your patience. We will continue to keep on improving with the communication and making more regular smaller updates.

- rewarding system for your leveling and achievement bonuses

- new stackable and usable items

- new poses for certain characters, new emotions, visual reworks

- 3 new sex scenes

- small portion of story content (more will be added in the upcoming weeks)

- preparation for future content updates

- new achievement sections

- animation improvements (slow fixed, frozen transitions fixed, etc.)

- many small improvements and features through the game

- tons of various game / story / grammar bugfixes

- leveling system bugfixes and correction (soon it will be used for some conversations, be ready)

Game release - 0.14.7 (March 2022)The changes are wide, ranging from some visual upgrades, save system, helps, guides, leveling system, progress and a lot of bug fixes (But not new story in this update).

New sex scenes and big chunk of story part will be added in 0.14.9 so if you want story progress we suggest to wait few more weeks, we will release that 0.14.9 update very soon after 0.14.7 anyway.

Game release - 0.13.9 - 0.14.5 (February 2022) - In the last 2 weeks we worked hard to bring you this update, enjoy the first part of the camping trip, new scene with Sharon and Player and Judy bathroom accident slip, new forest location unlocked, 4 new mini-games, 2 new riddles, story advancement, bigger in-game decisions, and much more :-) CHEERS!

Game release - 0.13.6 & 0.13.8 - December 2021 / January 2022

4 New sex scene animations, story talk with Aurora, bugfix, new naughty pictures, new game features, reworked task list, etc. new task list details and extra game features.

Fixes update - 0.13.5 - December 2021 - Some windows crashes fixed, 200% faster loading, many improvements, half-preparation for bigger story decisions

New School Classes - 0.13.3 November 2021

Mall and Park update - August 2021 Latest game version is v0.12.5_fix 

School and Home - June 2021 v0.11 (60-120 minutes of game play) 

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