v0.25.23 - Katy content update



Download it. Extract it. Play it. 


You need to have enabled Install unknown apps in the settings to let you download & install.

For future updates just install new and it will update game (Uninstall delete your saves!)


Guide made by our fan - you can't just copy paste, check the file location / rename to match

1) Unzip file 

2) move .app file to Application directory 

3) Open Terminal app, write this: sudo chmod -R +x Applications/World\ of\ and write user password 

4) System Preferences -> Security& Privacy -> World of Sisters -> Open Anyway

sudo chmod -R +x /Applications/World\ of\ Sisters\ 0_19_1\ \(MacOS\).app/Contents/MacOS/ 


Is there at least one our fan who use this platform? Let us know if it works.

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Other platforms are in the works

We hope to add them in the future, with more support this could be possible